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So you've experienced AFT for yourself and want to dive in to it more, where do you go from here? I am excited to help you and encourage you to reach out to me with any questions and ideas for specific topics for new programs.

If you have family and friends that you feel would benefit from AFT, please feel free to connect us. Referrals are the best!

Aroma Freedom Technique

Collective Worldwide Expansion

As AFT grows across the globe and Client's needs are realized, myself and other Coaches are developing programs specifically designed around those needs. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be first in line for my new programs!

Reach your goals, pursue your dreams and get to where you want to be in life!

Additional Opportunities

As I develop additional Coaching Programs, I will share them here as well as on the Aroma Freedom Academy website. Please feel free to subscribe to my email newsletter to keep in the loop. Check my calendar for upcoming classes and workshops. I will soon complete my Instructor Certification and will be offering in person Practitioner Certification opportunities!  Keep an eye out for that announcement in the coming months.

To explore additional Coaching programs of various topics, you may reach out to myself or browse through available courses on Aroma Freedom Academy here.

If you do not have oils for a session, I would be happy to help you to get started!

The standard protocol oils for an AFT session are:
Lavender *

Frankincense *

Stress Away *

Inner Child


Believe OR Transformation

* Included in Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit

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