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About Me


My story & how I got started

Before being introduced to essential oils, my lifestyle was not all that uncommon. The convenience of fast food and years of high stress employment had taken their toll on my health. One day I was invited to an essential oils class where I was introduced to the nurturing power of Young Living Essential Oils. That class, Oils of the Bible, spurred me to seek out what was so great about these oils. I began researching, scouring the internet learning all I could about them. In the meantime my health continued to decline; turns out learning is NOT doing. It took an uncomfortable health situation to help me take the leap; oiling UP and learning to make better lifestyle choices.

That was just the beginning! It wasn't long and I was introduced to the powerful emotional support Young Living Essential Oils provide. Once I was open to learning about my own emotions I was fascinated in the diversity of these oils and have continued learning and growing.

Does this sound familiar? Is your life where you'd like -- physically, emotionally, spiritually? I would love to help you break through to YOUR Body-Mind-Spirit connection for a richer, fuller, more robust life!

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My "Why"

I think the best way to share my heart's passion is for me to share my "PIXAR" story. This was written by me as an exercise during my Aroma Freedom Technique Instructor and Aroma Breakthrough Coaching training:

Once upon a time there was a bashful, broken girl named Kathryn...

Everyday her husband would shower her in love and reassurance that she was safe and worthy of love...

One day she began to believe him...

And because of that, she began to believe in herself.

Because of THAT, she felt able to begin facing the “why's” behind her buried feelings...

Until finally, the Lord brought a gentle emotional clearing technique into her life called Aroma Freedom Technique. Through that she found emotional freedom and joy in being her TRUE self and learned to help others do the same.


It is such a simple little format. However, in that simplicity, volumes of truths which were hiding behind past hurts were brought forward.

You too can re-acquaint yourself with the possibilities and hope waiting in the wings of your life.

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